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For Pledge Takers

Who sponsors Clear Choices, Clean Water?

  • Clear Choices, Clean Water is supported by sponsorships from a variety of individuals, businesses, government agencies, and civic groups.  Visit our sponsors page to see who is supporting the program and how you can join us!

What do I get for taking a Clear Choices, Clean Water pledge?

  • People get to feel good for making a difference!  And after taking a Clear Choices, Clean Water pledge, they receive feedback about how much pollution they have prevented from entering our streams and lakes.  They get to see their location on an interactive map – providing further confirmation that they are doing their part! They also get an easy, low-pressure way to encourage their friends, family, and neighbors to do their part by way of email invitations or Facebook and Twitter feeds.

How is my privacy protected?

  • Personal information like your physical address and email address can only be viewed by the Clear Choices, Clean Water sponsors and affiliates in your area.  The only information the public can see is your first name, last initial, and location on the pledge map, along with which pledge(s) you took.

For Affiliates and Sponsors

Is Clear Choices, Clean Water available in other areas?

  • Yes!  This award-winning program is available to any community. By entering into an agreement with the Clear Choices Clean Water LLC, you can have your own Clear Choices Clean Water website customized with your local watersheds and information.  You will have access to your own website and the education and outreach materials and media developed for the program.  And, you will be able to add new pledges and content as it is developed.  To learn more, read about becoming an affiliate and contact us below. 

How many choices will the Clear Choices, Clean Water campaign include?

  • Our vision is that Clear Choices, Clean Water is a holistic campaign promoting simple, yet important actions that residents, businesses, and others can take to improve our water quality and preserve our water resources.  As new water quality issues arise and change, and as our resources allow, we will continue to update and expand the Clear Choices, Clean Watercampaign. If you have an idea for a pledge, contact us.  We'd love to hear from you!

How can I become a sponsor of Clear Choices, Clean Water?

  • More information is available in the links to the right, or contact us! Your involvement will allow us to add more features to the site, expand the campaign topics/pledges, and create other collateral campaign materials (such as signs, leaflets, postcards, billboard artwork, door hangers, radio ads, etc.) for use in your community.


Be a Part of Clear Choices, Clean Water!

To learn more about the program, read this Clear Choices Clean Water e-brochure and then learn about becoming an Affiliate of Clear Choices Clean Water

    Who can I contact?

    With questions about Clear Choices, Clean Water: My Delaware River, please contact the Delaware Highlands Conservancy at or 570-226-3164.

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