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Sponsors and Partners

Official Sponsors

Official sponsors are those entities that have entered into an official license agreement with Clear Choices Clear Water, LLC and have permission and authority to use the trademarked and intellectual property of the program. In addition to use of the materials, our sponsors receive a number of additional benefits. My Delaware River sponsors include:

Funding support for Clear Choices Clean Water: My Delaware River is provided by the William Penn Foundation.

Outreach Partners

Partners provide in-kind support to the Clear Choices Clean Water program and help promote individual action for clean water through their own diverse outreach venues and audiences.

Interested in becoming an outreach partner or supporter?

For information on becoming an outreach partner or supporter, contact the Delaware Highlands Conservancy at or 570-226-3164  and we will be happy to discuss options and program needs with you. This program is only possible because of valued support from sponsors and donors! Get involved – be part of a growing, unified message and enjoy the benefits of a well-thought-out program that can help you measure your impact.

Thank you for your interest in joining us. With your involvement, we will reach more citizens, add more features to the site, expand the campaign topics/pledges, and create other collateral campaign materials for use in your community and throughout the United States.

We will change how people think about water, build their connection to it, and inspire action!  


Want more info or need help?

If you have any questions or concerns about the Clear Choices Clean Water - My Delaware River program please contact the Delaware Highlands Conservancy at or 570-226-3164.

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